Lunch by Steven Berkoff

A pair of lonely people meet by chance on their lunch hour, are attracted to each other, and try to compress a whole relationship into that lunch time: from early self-conscious conversations, through first fights and second thoughts to sexual fumblings in which they try to dominate each other. Lunch is a powerful example of pioneering theatre maker Steven Berkoff’s unique style of writing.

Lunch Girls by Ron Hart

Lunch Girls deals with the lives of four middle-class British women who try to arrange a lunch date but find it difficult to pick a day that is suitable for all of them. It struck a chord with audiences around the world, with productions as far afield as Los Angeles, Tokyo, Jerusalem, and Bombay, as well as at the National Theatre and a UK tour starring Sylvia Syms.

Lunch Girls was a joint winner of the 1983 Verity Bargate award for new, unperformed, short plays, suitable for production in a small theatre. With this criteria, it seemed an ideal choice for a Bench Fringe production.

Shadowland by David Poyer

A one-act haunting drama. Pursued by disturbing dreams, Eileen visits her psychiatrist. The truth becomes increasingly elusive. She may or may not have been in an accident. An accident may or may not have happened. Perhaps even a murder? And who is the Ferryman who comes for Eileen?

"Steven Berkoff's plays pulse with strange language and a startling physicality"

~Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard



September 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th at 20:00 (end time 22:00)

September 17th at 17:00 (end time 19:30)


Theater Keller62

Rämistrasse 62

8001, Zürich


Available directly from Theater Keller62 via email (reservation@keller62.ch) or their website (www.keller62.ch) from August.


There are currently no restrictions on entry to the theatre. We ask that you do not attend if you have COVID-like symptoms. A bar offering drinks and light refreshments will be provided by Keller62.

Tickets available from July 2022
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