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Three One-Act Plays at Theater STOK

Auditions Cancelled

Performances Postponed to September 2021

We hold open auditions for all of our productions and announce auditions dates usually two weeks in advance.

  • Auditions are generally announced at Monday Evening Readings and via our club mailing list.

  • Auditions are given in front of a casting panel consisting of at least the director and one member of the committee.  The exact format of the auditions is the decision of the director.

  • The casting panel's decision is final and while the best candidate may not always be chosen, decisions are made for more reasons than just the audition performance.  For example, there are questions of how each candidate will fit into the whole cast.

  • Candidates are normally informed of the results within two days of auditions.

  • Auditions are open to non-members, however please be aware that due to their previous experience, existing members may have priority.  All members of a cast are expected to become members if they are not already.

  • Audition pieces are usually available one week in advance at Monday Evening Readings and on this page.

  • Candidates are not expected to learn the audition pieces, but they should be familiar with them.

  • ZEST is an amateur group and no-one is paid for their participation in the production.

  • If cast, you are expected to commit to attending most rehearsals and all performances.

  • Candidates should complete an audition application form either online or printed, which is available below.

  • Candidates should advise their intention to audition by any of the channels listed at the foot of the application form or by submitting a digital audition form.


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