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Travel Expenses Policy

ZEST is an amateur, non-profit group and none of us are paid for the work we put in. Amateur dramatics is an activity that we choose to engage in and, like any other hobby, we should all accept certain out-of-pocket costs of pursuing it.

Most members are resident within the canton of Zürich, which boasts a world-class public transportation system. For ZEST activities, we should take advantage of it wherever possible.
In this spirit, actors and crew members during a production are entitled to some reimbursement of travel expenses defined as follows:

  • For the time in the theatre from the club dress rehearsal to closing night, actors and crew resident outside of the canton of Zürich shall in every case bear the first CHF 15 of the cost of public transport tickets specifically purchased for the night in question; should their round trip cost more than that, ZEST will reimburse the difference up to a maximum of CHF 15, against a signed expense form including receipts.

  • Actors and crew resident within the canton shall bear their own transportation costs.

  • Exceptions to this regulation may be granted in individual cases of hardship; please approach the Director who will liaise with the President, who makes the final decision on such matters.

Travel to and from rehearsals is not reimbursable.

Mileage and parking expenses for the use of private vehicles before, during, or after a production purely for personal transportation are in no case reimbursable. Club members may be reimbursed for the use of their private vehicle if it is used for legitimate club business e.g. collecting or delivering large/heavy items, costumes, props, set, drinks, club money, etc. The Production Coordinator shall be consulted beforehand; their decision on the matter is final. When submitting an expense claim for the use of a private vehicle, the reason for the use of the vehicle must be specified.

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