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First Steps

The first step to membership is to come along and meet us on a Monday evening, improv workshop, or musical theatre session.  Anyone who understands English and wants to get enthusiastically involved in the theatre is welcome to join us.

We are an English-speaking group, but our members come from all over the world, all walks of life, and professions.  We are always pleased to welcome new faces who would like help with the many jobs that are involved in staging plays and running a theatre group. The minimum age is sixteen years old and members under the age of eighteen require permission from a parent or guardian to join.


​The only pre-requisites for membership are that you must speak and understand English and, for speaking parts in readings and on stage, you should have clear English diction without a strong accent, so your voice is easily understood by our audiences.



To become a member, you must attend four sessions or be involved in a production.  After four sessions, you are required to pay a yearly membership fee which coves things like admin, the yearly BBQ, the Christmas dinner, and other special events.  If you would like to get involved in a production, but are unable to come to any of our non-production events, please contact us and we will be glad to hear from you.  Membership costs CHF75.- for individuals and CHF112.50 for couples per year.

There is no need to inform us beforehand if you'd like to attend any of our events, but we ask that you check the relevant page first to ensure that there is a Monday evening, improv workshop, or musical theatre session on the date you would like to come along.



We are always on the look out for new talent.  There are many roles besides acting that are all required in order to put on a theatrical production including directing, stage management, sound design and operation, light design and operation, make-up, hair, props, stage dressing, costumes, front of house, set design and construction, prompting, marketing, and many more.

Wherever possible we try to include everyone who wants to help with a production in the capacity they request.  We have many experienced members who are always happy to coach newer members in areas the are not yet familiar with and we encourage our members to try out all the different areas of the theatre.

Sound good? Sign up to our newsletter for newcomers and prospective members to get information about events, auditions, theatre, and more.

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