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Play Selection


We receive suggestions for plays that we might perform from our membership, directors, and occasionally from outside of ZEST too.  Our main source of plays is our Reading Panel, who actively look for potential plays.


Plays are read by the six members of the Reading Panel.  When the panel meets, which is every six to eight weeks, they discuss and rate the plays they have read.


When a play has been approved by the Panel, it goes onto our Monday Play List.  ZEST meets on most Monday evenings for a play reading. After a play has been read, it is briefly discussed and then rated.  Plays that receive a high enough rating are moved to our Plays for Production list.


Our directors can then choose a play from the production list to put forward for public performance. A director might have another idea for a play but this is still subjected to the same selection process.  The final decision on what plays are performed in a public production is made by the Committee.

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