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Auditions will be held at the Theater im Seefeld, Seefeldstrasse 91, 8008 Zürich on the following dates:

Tuesday, July 4th, 18:30-22:00

Wednesday, July 5th, 18:30-22:00

Tuesday, July 11th, 18:30-22:00

If possible, we ask that you arrive at or shortly after the start time of the auditions so that the audition panel can plan better, but we understand if you can only arrive later. Please inform us on your audition form or via email if you will arrive late.


On a lonely road on the island of Inishmore, someone killed the Irish Liberation

Army Enforcer’s cat, Wee Thomas. “Mad” Padraic wants to know who when he gets back from a stint of torture and chip-shop bombing in Northern Ireland. He loves his cat more than life itself, and someone is going to pay.


It has been produced twice in the West End and on Broadway, where it received a Tony Award

nomination for Best Play. Martin McDonagh is also well known for writing the films In Bruges (2008), Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017), and Banshees of Inisherin (2022).


The play is set in Ireland and we will try our best to perform the play with accents appropriate for that region, specifically Galway and/or North Irish accents. Please DO NOT let this discourage you from auditioning. We have built extra time into the rehearsal process for dedicated accent coaching sessions. However, do be prepared during auditions to attempt a few of the lines without a scene partner in an accent or to be coached to get a sense of how well you can hear and reproduce specific sounds characteristic to the accent.

Accent Guide:

***Please be aware before auditioning that some people may find the subject matter and violence triggering. This show involves copious amounts of guns, blood, and violence. There will be shootings of both people and a cat on stage, as well as chopping up body parts. James and Davey will need to be comfortable with knives/razors around them. The show also mentions the IRA. Rehearsals will be carefully approached so that the actors feel comfortable.


Male, 20s-30s (17 in the script)

Brother of Mairead and the one to discover Wee Thomas’ body. A unique character who is not the mainstream of the island. This character has gone bumbly/emo/punk etc. in past productions so this will be open to the actor's interpretation. Think of a young adult trying to find himself.


Male, 50-70

Father of Padraic. In many senses a well balanced man despite his son being an extremist, but still quick to pull jokes and understand the severity of a situation to some extent. 


Male, 20s-30s (21 in the script)

A man too “mad” for the IRA. He is completely in love with the cause and doesn’t feel the repercussions of his actions. He can only see the destruction of Ireland and the grieving of his cat, both worthy causes in his eyes.


Male, 20-40

A local drug dealer. He is being tortured in the scene already having lost 2 toenails and threatened for more extreme punishments. Yet, he is strong in and of himself and can handle Padraic and the torture tactics while having a sense of reality.


Female, early to mid 20s (16 in the script)

Sister of Davey. In love with Padraic and a strong,stubborn minded woman always quick to a response. Also in love with the cause of freeing Ireland but in a chaotic nature more in love with the idea rather than the reality. Singing role.*

*in addition to scene reading, we would like you to prepare a portion of the song 'The Dying Rebel' (lyrics below). Please keep in mind it is her singing more to herself rather than a musical theatre performance.

Listen to the song here:


Male, 40-60s

A former co-hand of Padriac’s splinter group before Padriac shot his eye out. On a mission for revenge and uses Padraic’s uncontrolled rage against him. Will be asked to perform with an eye patch (not necessary for auditions).


Male, 20-40s

One of Padraic’s old splinter group members and Brendan’s brother. Tough and strong but still sensitive and sensible.


Male, 20-40s

The other of Padriac’s splinter group members and Joey’s brother. Loves to joke about quotes.


Please refer to the Auditions page for further general information regarding the audition process. Please submit a digital audition form (button below) or email to confirm your attendance. You must either complete a digital audition form or bring a printed audition form with you as well as bring a copy of the scene(s) you will be auditioning with as copies will not be available on site.  For specific questions about the play, please contact

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