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Auditions: On the Night Side - Two Short Plays

Auditions will be held at the Theater im Seefeld, Seefeldstrasse 91, 8008 Zürich on the following dates:

Monday, May 22nd, 18:30-22:00

Wednesday, May 24th, 18:30-22:00

Tuesday, May 30th, 19:00-22:00 (Alternates and Callbacks)

Scroll down to download the audition material (PDF)

If possible, we ask that you arrive at or shortly after the start time of the auditions so that the audition panel can plan better, but we understand if you can only arrive later. Please inform us on your audition form or via email if you will arrive late.

The Actor's Nightmare by Christopher Durang

Having casually wandered onstage, George, an accountant, is informed by a stage manager that one of the actors has been in an auto accident and he must replace him immediately. Apparently no one is sure of what play is being performed but George (costumed as Hamlet) seems to find himself in the middle of a scene from Private Lives. As he fumbles through one missed cue after another, the other actors shift from one play to another – all while George is slowly losing any sense of what he should be doing. The end will leave you wondering – is this just a bad dream? Or a terrible nightmare?

Nightlands by Jack MacGregor

Two Russians working a job in the desolate arctic embody two separate views of the fallen USSR; Slava, a young woman wishes to move past the history of her country, whereas Sasha, an older man, feels nostalgic and lost. Set in 1999 at the dawn of the Putin autocracy, Pyramiden's caretakers play out a generational and ideological conflict. The desolate land-scape intersperses their debates and a violent confrontation concludes the play.

Please complete and submit and audition form and submit in advance, if possible. 


Performances: 30th August - 9th September 2023

Contact if you have any questions.

The Actor's Nightmare will be directed by Amber Daughtry. Nightlands will be directed by Bor Massier. 

George Spelvin

An accountant


A Stage Manager

Sarah Siddons

A grand actress

Ellen Terry

Another actress, not as grand

Henry Irving

A grand actor

The Executioner

(may be double cast with Henry Irving)

*Please note: all age ranges will be considered for the roles.


Female, 20-30

A young woman who recently got posted to Pyramiden, she doesn't miss the communist past of her country


Male, 35-65

An older man who has been in Pyramiden for a very long time, when it was still a bustling socialist experiment, he is nostalgic and bitter at the turns of history.

Please refer to the Auditions page for further general information regarding the audition process. Please submit a digital audition form (button below) or email to confirm your attendance. You must either complete a digital audition form or bring a printed audition form with you.  For specific questions about the play, please contact

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