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Miklòs Laszlò from the English translation by Florence Laszlò adapted by E P Dowall





It is just days before Christmas and Miklós Hammerschmidt, owner of the Parfumerie, mistakenly suspects employee George Horváth of being his unfaithful wife’s lover. Meanwhile, George discovers that the stranger he has fallen in love with, through a secret correspondence, is none other than Amália Balás, a co-worker with whom he constantly feuds. Only truth can lead to a happy resolution in this old-fashioned, charming Christmas tale, which has all the ingredients of conflict, humour, betrayal, intrigue, and romance to make this an enjoyable evening.

Of German-Jewish origin, Miklós László was born as Nicholas Leitner in Budapest in 1903. In 1938, he emigrated to New York, where he worked as an author and playwright – for MGM, amongst others – until his death in 1973. His most famous play, Illatszertár (Parfumerie) was first produced in Pest in 1937. In 1940, Ernst Lubitsch turned it into a film, The Shop Around the Corner, with James Stewart, Frank Morgan and Margaret Sullivan. With the shop transferred into 1930s Chicago, it became In the Good Old Summertime, a musical film with Judy Garland and Van Johnson, nine years later. A further successful musical, She Loves Me, conquered Broadway in 1963, and was revived for more than 350 shows in 1993. A recent film version, You’ve Got Mail, was produced with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as recently as 1998. A memorable production of the play, this time based on the script for the Lubitsch film, was produced in Paris in 2001 and garnished with another shower of awards. Yet, it was only in 2009 that Parfumerie was first produced as a stage play in English in the U.S.A. and Canada. For this László’s nephew EP Dowdall produced a new adaptation of the original text.


Valery Niggli



Steven Brindley

George Horwath

Stefan Kahn

Mr. Sipos

Mike Rutman

Steven Kadar

Nilesh Ghaisas

Amalia Balash

Amy Amstutz

Ilona Ritter

Katya Ankudinov

Elizabeth Molnar

Courtney Beamish

Arpad Novak

Oliver Pont


Alex Papadopoulos / Shubham Srivastava

A Detective

Anton Zherzdev / Tomi Jarvinen


David Bond, Dana Ryffel, Deborah Somers, Joëlle Stocker, Shubham Srivastava



Assistant Director

Tomi Gustaf

Voice Coach

Bouqui Stautmeister

Production Coordinator

Tim Purdue

Stage Managers

Helena Sievi, Meg Adams, Jim Carson, Ronald Aus der Au


Christina Whiting, Cleophea Blass

Set Design

Tim Purdue

Set Dressing

Katherine Ankudinov

Lighting Design

Andreas Stahl, Tiina Palojärvi

Sound Design

​Terry Menard

Lighting and Sound Crews

Susan de Paul, Arseniy Klimovskiy, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Anna-Katharina Kilp,​ Jenna McKellips

Costume Design

Dana Ryffel

​Hair and Make-up

Chris Eusebio-Ellis, Maureen Grimm, Ulyana Lessani


Irene Lautenbach, Alan Bridgman, Joan Bridgman, Beatrice Hungerbühler, Jesse Tischler


​Mike Peggs


Martin Chwierut

Poster Artwork

Barbara von Holzen, Oli Pont

Programme Editor

Markus Wyler


​Daniele Dagani

Box Office

Martin Chwierut, Members of the Club


composed and recorded by Jamie Langridge

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