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Triple Helpings!
(In Room Five Hundred and Four / The Spelling Of Coynes / Trip of a Lifetime)


Jimmie Chinn / Jules Tasca / Bill Cashmore and Andy Powrie





In Room Five Hundred and Four:
Sitting in a seedy boarding-house room in Skegness, Edie (Edith) is reminiscing over the past. Out of her memory step a younger Edie and Harry on their wedding-day in February 1942. Together they discover the uncertainties of their relationship and wartime in the span of one night; the next day Harry will leave for the front, never to return.

The Spelling of Coynes:
A house painter in his forties schemes to marry an 80 year old woman to inherit her money. His fiancée is reluctant at first, but succumbs to his "how long can she last" refrain when she finds out the old woman is worth millions... A long overdue funny look at greed.

Trip of a Lifetime:
​Barry, thirty nine and recently divorced, sets off around the world on the trip of a lifetime. His travelling companions are his parents, whose cheery optimism and all too visible romantic attachment drive Barry to distraction. “Trip of a Lifetime” is an ingenious comedy, acted out with three chairs, music and lots of imagination.


Anni Fuchs (In Room Five Hundred and Four)
Peter Schietinger (The Spelling of Coynes)
Dorothy Nauer (Trip of a Lifetime)


In Room Five Hundred and Four:


Lynda Klomann


Paul Day


Sylvia Day

Older Edie

Joan Bridgman

The Spelling of Coynes:

Maria Saldo

Valery Niggli

Goldie Dibbs

Marianne Alewine

Louie Coynes

Jamie Langridge

Female Chorus

Helen Hauser, Chris Eusebio

Male Chorus

Dustin Rees, Jan Sinstadt

Trip of a Lifetime:

Norman Pollard

John Gysin

Sheila Pollard

Sheila von Arx

Barry Pollard

Martin Russell



Stage manager

Claudia Wicki

Assistant Stage Managers

Gonzalo de la Vega, Brett Swander

Production Co-ordinator

Claudia Wicki

Set Decoration and Custumes

Claudia Bodmer, Karen Siber, the Directors

Lighting Design

Andreas Stahl

Lighting Team

Florencia Arteaga Vonarburg, Luke Walker

Sound Design

Terry Menard

Sound Team

Matías Ameriso, Fabio Trutenau


Susan De Paul, Janet Evard, Karen Siber

Stage Crew

Karen Siber, Members of the Club


Noeleen Blaich, Alan Bridgman, Daniele Dagani, Irene Lautenbach

Make-up and Hair

Maureen Grimm, Yael Teitler


Claudia Bodmer

Front of House

Members of the Club


Leslie von Arx

Title Artwork

Paul Bilton

Programme Editors

John Bennett, Bouqui Stautmeister

Programme Design

Peter Schietinger


Martin Russell

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